1 June 2020

10 High Quality Facebook Infographics and Cheat Sheets

In this post, we have brought for you, 10 high quality Facebook infographics and cheat sheets.Only Facebook is an option which is the most popular social media on the Internet. Facebook is the number one social networking website, which has millions of users all over the world, and it has become an integral part of people for the present time, believe it or not, we cannot deny it is true.

In this post you will get 10 high quality Facebook infographics and cheat sheets. Various aspects of Facebook are covered in all these infographics. We hope that this collection will be useful and inspiring for you. So, here are 10 high quality Facebook infographics and cheat sheets at your service.

27 May 2020

Arabic Mehndi Designs Simple and Easy

Arabic Mehndi Designs provide happiness in every occasion

Today the art of mehndi is also becoming very popular outside of South East Asia. Henna is a popular temporary body art known in India, Pakistan, Middle East and many Arabic countries. There is a similarity in culture between South East Asia and the Middle East, with a shared love for artistic and beautiful mehndi designs. A unique style called Arabic mehndi has come up because of their elegance, love and passion for Hina. This design is most liked by women of all ages and it is highly sought after.

21 May 2020

30+ Creative No Smoking Posters-Design Colossal

Smoking is a bad habit, we all know it well, but what to do with art?
Through art, someone contributes a very important and worthy message. This does not only please the senses, but it can also be used for social improvement. If you do not believe our point, then we suggest that a picture is worth a thousand words. You must be thinking how? So let's see as an example, we have to say that art can do double duty to please the senses and provoke thoughts.
The truth is that we need all those help, we can get it when we want to print a creative no smoking posters design. When designing any poster what should be in it, what should be the color, there are

20 May 2020

20 Alien Tattoo Collection | Design Colossal

20 Alien Tattoo Collection | Design Colossal Science fiction writers in the 1950s and the 1960s made extraterrestrials fashionable. Even today, Alien tattoos are still considered 'cool' by most of the people. Most of the days, people with an interest in fantasy literature choose alien tattoos. Another commonly cited reason is that sometimes people feel as if they will connect with the extraterrestrials and alien tattoos would help them do this. Alien tattoos include a number of the foremost uncommon designs; in any case alien are involved in it!
Some people asking what does Alien Tattoo Mean. However, there is no specific meaning behind the Alien tattoo. Alien tattoo means whatever you can wear. These tattoos inspired from films like Alien vs Predator, Alien Resurrection & Mars Attacks etc. This 20 Alien Tattoo Designs special for you.

19 May 2020

Be Modern With Modular Kitchens

Our kitchen should also be efficient and organized like everything in life. Unfortunately most of us want to do with our old kitchen design, it is impossible. In fact, most people have small kitchen layout ideas in mind, they are not suited to make the most of the space they have. However, with the gradually increasing availability of modern kitchen designs, India has started catching up with Western countries. Many brands now offer solutions to transform your cooking space into a modular kitchen.

16 May 2020

Hand Cut Paper Art Design by Lisa Rodden

These Hand-Cut-Paper-Art-Design-Lisa-Rodden
For creating these type of hand cut artwork design having two overlapping layers includes. The first layer is white paper, the bottom layer is a painting layer using acrylic paint. In the next step, carefully slice, cut and fold the covering paper in a specific way, making sure that nothing happens to the following paper. By working in this way, she gets the necessary control in creating the design she wants.
This type of work is similar to the two and a half D method. When the idea of representing something as 3D is the basic concept of 2D. Some small geometric cuts reveal colored windows which creates remarkably accurate interplay of colors and shades.

13 May 2020

5 Easy Steps to Create an Ideal Study Space for Children | Interior Design

Do your children hate doing their homework? Homework can be a tedious activity for a restless little mind, and most children will play, rather than open their books. Creating an attractive, lively and comfortable study space is not only conducive to study, but also determines the right mood. Design a place that makes study time a pleasure, and you won't have to say them again to complete your homework on time!

Follow these five easy steps, and you can create a space that your children will love.

6 May 2020

Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2020

Looking for the latest Indian Rangoli Designs 2020 ? Explore the new, attractive, Floral Design, peacock Rangoli Design, paisley, diya Rangoli Design, dots Design, circles and simple rangoli design image collection for Diwali. The main purpose behind making rangoli is to send designs from one generation to the next, reflecting the pleasures, strengths, traditions, folklore and methods that are unique to each region. Here are creative & simple rangoli designs to decorate your home.

3 May 2020

20 Simple Mehndi Designs For Beginners | Mehndi Design 2020

Patience, curiosity and elegance are required to apply mehndi. And the most important is creativity. Practice is most important for mehandi artist to achieve all these things. All beginners must try to take advantage of their skills for design a beautiful mehndi.

Have some simple mehndi designs for beginners with techniques you ever love in fashion terms. The top most fashion on bridal wedding for simple henna art designs is now on peak. Loving to join the talk of Simple Bridal Mehndi designs is very easy on this page. The reason is culture and the time of love for beauty. The Arabic mehndi designs simple and easy for left hand or right hand it should be looking great in all aspects.

20 Simple Mehendi Designs For Wedding | Mehendi Design 2020

In indian weddings mehandi is very important part. Mehandi Design & Rangoli Designs are shows our tradition. The wedding ceremony is not complete without a flurry of entertaining performances such as songs and dances composed on mehndi ceremony in the cinema.
Every bride eagerly awaits this mehndi ritual. The charming mehndi design drawn on her hand adds more to her happiness.All women from little girls to brides paint rangoli on their hands.
Hints of many things in life are hidden in the various designs of Mehndi. So here 20 simple mehandi designs are presenting for you...