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27 July 2014

15 Time Saving and Free Photoshop Actions for Designers

The Probability of using Photoshop is always ‘1’ for designers. Designers know the value of Photoshop well. Your client always needs some out of the box effects for job. So here we are showcasing 15 time saving & free Photoshop actions for designers.

3 July 2014

35+ Really Useful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials
Effective text makes important role in our web design work. With the help of Photoshop you can create attractive and unusual text effect for attracts visitors to your website. You can use the fonts and typography to present the text on your website. Photoshop is a tool to create amazing text effect with your imagination and Photoshop skill. Here we would share a collection of 35+ Really Useful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials.

These Photoshop tutorials help you to increase your design skill.

13 June 2014

Photoshop tutorial: Create a Lighting Effects
Photoshop is one and only software for image editing & giving effects from last many decades. All worlds designer, web designer, artist uses Photoshop for image manipulation. Lighting effects give attractive impact to design, and in Photoshop many options available for creating lighting effect. In this post you’ll learn plenty of creative lighting effects in easy ways.

4 June 2014

30 Amazing Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

Photoshop is a king in all designing, photo editing software. Using Photoshop text and layer tools you can be create creative effects. I have given a list of 30 latest trends and techniques of the best Photoshop text tutorials. You’ll learn the technique of the best designers, how they creates the unique effects.