22 December 2015

25 Best Photography Websites

Photography is interested subject for everyone, vast developments in digital photography.  If you want a put a model photograph in your advertisements it’s very expensive. But now model photography, portrait photography, landscape photography easily available on one click at photography websites.
In this post I have collected more than 25 best photography websites to find & analyze the design trend.

23 November 2014

20 Free Vector Website Lists For Web Designer

In this post we are presenting 20 free vector website lists for web designer. In these websites you can download free vectors. Vector graphics gave beauty in our work. You can download various type vectors like background vector, heart vector, ribbon vector, tree vector, unit vector, floral vector, star vector etc. Now check these free vector art websites & make creative design.

11 September 2014

15 CSS Transition And Animation Effect Tutorials

What makes your design alive &touchy? Its animation’s magic, of course! So here we bring you 15 CSS transition and animation effect tutorials. Make your design more vivacious with these transitions & animations. Your web page is going to be more interactive with these elements. So bring out all design fervor in you with these animation effect tutorials.

27 August 2014

25 Star Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

http://www.designcolossal.com/2014/08/25-star-tattoo-designs-for-men-and-women.html In the nature star is integral part of the all people & everybody known. Star used in many Hollywood and Bollywood movie songs. Star is most important for Nary and sailors at night for right direction. Tattoo lovers attracted these designs, so star used in tattoo designs. Here we have collected 25 star tattoo designs for men and women. 

25 August 2014

15+ Useful HTML5 and CSS3 Tutorials for Web Designer

HTML5 & CSS3 are the languages of designers today. Being designer, you need to run at pace with current trends. And trends are not waiting for you. You have to learn the new things anyhow. So here we are presenting 15+ useful HTML5 & CSS3 tutorials for web designer. Let’s be in touch with latest technologies & trends.

19 August 2014

30 Sci-Fi Fonts - Free Fonts for Designers

The one thing which adds tinges of creativity to your design is fonts. Sometimes, choosing a right font could be harder than designing a whole job. The era, being crazy about science fiction, you need to stylize your design with science touch. And what are we here for? So we have come up with 30 sci-fi fonts - free fonts for designers.

15 August 2014

20 Colorful, Smart and Beautiful Web Designs Inspiration for Web Designer

When a web designer plan to design a website he searches colorful, smart and beautiful web design inspiration or just get yourself some amazing creative ideas that can helping him to create web design.

7 August 2014

10+ Free PSD T Shirt Design to Design Your Own T-Shirt

Having a Mockup of your design is a great idea when it comes to getting it to look just like you imagined it would. With mockup, you get to see grand finale of your design (though not in real). So here are 10+ free PSD T shirt design to test your designs.

5 August 2014

10 Best Free Flat Icons PSD

We would not be surprised if we find you chanting mantra, “flat, flat, flat…..” The toppers of the web world are also opting for flat design these days. And if you are a designer then you would certainly like the follow the suit. So here we are presenting you 10 best free flat icons PSD to make your works easier & superior.

27 July 2014

15 Time Saving and Free Photoshop Actions for Designers

The Probability of using Photoshop is always ‘1’ for designers. Designers know the value of Photoshop well. Your client always needs some out of the box effects for job. So here we are showcasing 15 time saving & free Photoshop actions for designers.